Friday, 13 June 2014

Ruzodem Street Dog Rescue

Sadly Bulgaria has a large number of street dogs, many of which are victims of terrible cruelty, but Ruzodem Street Rescue aims to help as many of these dogs as possible.

RSDR, Is a non-profit organisation, created and run by the Rowles family who moved to Bulgaria from the UK in 2007. They soon became aware of the plight of the many street dogs and started to do what they could to help, such as giving them food. They soon took in their first rescue dog, and in 2009 Ruzodem Street Dog Rescue became a registered foundation.

In 2010, after much fund-raising a plot of land was purchased and the dog shelter was created. Since then various additions and renovations have been made to the shelter, thanks to generous donations from supporters.

There are many ways in which you can help the dogs cared for by RSDR, including volunteering to walk and play with the dogs, donating dog food, escorting dogs to their new homes and. if you are able, adopting one of the dogs yourself. Monetary donations are always needed, not only for the general upkeep of the shelter, but to pay for vaccinations, neutering and veterinary bills.

What can you do to help today?

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