Tuesday, 4 November 2014

What Is Our Vision?

At the Dog Welfare Network we care passionately about dogs, the way in which they are treated and the worldwide problem of stray and street dogs. There are far too many dogs being abandoned and left to fend for themselves, with dire consequences.

Our aim is reduce the number of stray and unwanted dogs by the implementation of wider neutering programmes, education schemes and the bringing together of existing resources.

What is our ultimate aim? One of our founder members explains:

“Our vision is of a world where every dog is loved and treated with respect. There will be no homeless, stray dogs wandering the streets and no healthy dogs have to be put to sleep just because they are unwanted.

We aim to transform the quality of life for dogs worldwide by aiding communities to provide population management and support for community dogs, and aiding adoptions, thus enhancing local environments and enriching human-dog relationships in the process.”

We are looking for volunteers and sponsors to help us with our aims, and will be adding new volunteer information to our website shortly.

We would value your feedback via replies@dogwelfarenetwork.co.uk regarding any shelters that you may visit.