Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Developing The Dog Welfare Network

At Dog Welfare Network we’re aiming to create a centre of expertise to assist our partner organisations, encouraging more professionalism within the dog rescue sector.

We’ve already started to build a register of dog rescue organisations across Europe (see for more details) and our next task is create a database of volunteers, to assist with the running of our organisation, work on fundraising and support existing dog rescue centres.

Currently we’re looking for volunteers to translate our website and resources into various European languages, so that we can reach a wider number of individuals and organisations. If you can help with this task (and are ideally based in Kent) then please contact us via

We will create a best practice guide to rehoming dogs including a sample questionnaire for home checkers to use and will also provide examples of fostering and adoption agreements for use by our partner organisations.

Ultimately, we will provide a forum for dog rescue organisations to share fund raising ideas and offer support to one another.

We look forward to working with new volunteers and partner organisations in the future.