Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Help Us In Our Work

At the Dog Welfare Network we have a clear set of aims and objectives that we’re seeking to achieve. These include:
  • The support of existing dog rescue organisations in their work, helping to provide resources and raise awareness of their role.
  • The development of a large-scale dog population management programme, introducing neutering schemes, thus reducing the numbers of unwanted dogs.
  • The funding of education programmes to change people’s attitudes towards dogs and help them to become more responsible owners.
In order to achieve these aims, we are looking to recruit more volunteers to our organisation. We are looking for people who may be able to visit local rescue organisations and promote their work; people who can translate our web copy and literature into other European languages; people who can assist with fundraising; individuals to help with admin duties and any other tasks within the organisation.

You can contact us via Twitter, or by clicking on the envelope logo on our website.

Can you help?

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